Plant Your Own


Basic Steps for Planting a 

Rosie the Riveter Memorial Rose Garden


1.    Choose a location where there is existing landscape that is being maintained.  We want to be sure the gardens are well cared for as they are part of a living memorial.

2.    Order your (Weeks) Rosie the Riveter Roses. Gardens can range in number from 1 for a private garden to 40 plants if your space can hold that many!  It is up to you.  Contact local nurseries to see if you can purchase them locally.

3.    You can also order roses online from these companies :

Rosie the Riveter™ Floribunda Rose | Shop Roses | Michigan Bulb                 

Rosie the Riveter™ Heirloom Roses

Rosie the Riveter Floribunda Rose | Shop Roses | Spring Hill


If you order bare root roses online, have your planting spot prepared ahead of time.  The rose will need to go into the ground when you receive it.  It will begin to leaf out within a few days.


4.    Order your official garden sign from Carlson Signs:  Call Ardis 541-382-2182 . They will take good care of you.  You can order the sign alone or the sign and a stand.

Rosie plaque with ribbon.jpg

5.    Normally the next step would be to hold a dedication where you might invite the public and alert the media.  In Covid times, you may be able to share a photo of your garden and a story with your local paper. You may also be able to do a virtual dedication.  Some garden sites are postponing their dedications but are still having their gardens listed on the  official Rosie the Riveter Memorial Gardens site.  When you are ready, please send information about your garden along with photos to:

6.    Also during “normal” times, garden sites invite groups that may want to partner with them to care for the roses and hold tributes on March 21st, Rosie the Riveter Day. Partners may include the local girl scouts, service groups, historical societies, anyone you think might want to help preserve the legacy of the Rosies.

7.    A tribute would be a day where you may choose to have a ribbon cutting.  Invite any Rosie that you know can attend.  If you do not know of any Rosies, you can read a story about some of the Rosies.   If you would like to order a book filled with Rosie the Riveter stories, they can be purchased from the American Rosie the Riveter Association online store:   Products | Rosie the Riveter | You Can Do It!

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